Check In. Connect. Redeem.
Bevvie is an exclusive virtual members club which allows you to connect to like-minded people when you check into select venues.
Check into select venues to:
  • Connect with other members
  • Earn points
  • Redeem deals and rewards
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True connections are built in person

Connections are created through shared experiences. Bevvie allows you to meet new people easily and exchange experiences on a daily basis with people from around the world.

Bevvie aims to create a community of Bevvie members locally and internationally.

Join Bevvie today and check into one of our venues or events.

Bevvie Membership
Bevvie is an exclusive invite-only membership club powered by a mobile app available for iOS.
  • Make new friends and connect with other Bevvie members
  • Discover new venues around you
  • Enjoy members discounts, freebies and rewards
  • Be the first to know about meet-up groups and events
  • Be part of an exclusive members club – all in real time at the places you already go
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Check In. Connect. Redeem.
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